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CCOF 30 Years Event and Big Cadillac Show in Haikko 14-16.6.2019

14.06.2019 - 16.06.2019

CCOF 30 Years Event and Big Cadillac Show in Haikko 14-16.6.2019


All Cadillac Enthusiasts and Clubs are hereby cordially invited to join our major Cadillac party event in Finland this summer. CCOF (Cadillac Club of Finland, also a CLC club member) is celebrating its 30 year by the beach in Haikko (Haikko Manor& Spa Hotel, Porvoo/Borgå, Haikkoontie, Finland, see maps and information ) during the weekend 14-16.6.2019. Our ambitious goal has been to gather up to our Big Cadillac Show one (100) hundred beautiful Cadillacs representing all possible past model years ( between 1902-2018, one representative car for each model year, if possible).



The event fee for our international Cadillac guests (non-members of CCOF) is only 100 euros (children max 12 years free of charge) which includes for participants the following (and a CCOF gift bag with festivity club items) for three days:



Arrival, CCOF Welcome Desk 3 pm-5 pm

Buffet Dinner  7pm-9 pm

Music and party (rock band) 9.30 pm-


-Big Cadillac cruise around Porvoo area and the old historic town centre, with snacks 1 pm – 3 pm (visitors without their own vehicles can hop in our Cadillacs if you inform us in advance), participants will get a gift bag from CCOF

-Gala Dinner Event (including basic drinks) 6 pm – 9 pm, Villa Haikko ( a separate beach villa only for us)

-Party with music (rock band) 9.30 pm -, Villa Haikko, beach


CCOF 30 Years Celebration: Big Cadillac Show, 11 am  – 4 pm, beach

-music and an open Club Shop

– (there is a possibility to lunch at Villa Haikko, a separate payment)

The hotel stay must be prepaid and booked directly from the hotel. CCOF does not arrange this (not included in the event fee). The hotel payment includes breakfast Sat-Sun and a free use of spa& some saunas and a pool. You can also stay at many other hotels nearby in Porvoo area or further away in Helsinki City hotels.

We obviously hope that you could join us driving your own Cadillac to Haikko Manor. Our hotel is situated relatively near the capital city of Helsinki and also the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (see only about 35 minutes driving distance. There is a 24 hours security at the property for the cars (cameras and guards).

You can check flights to Helsinki from Finnair, SAS, Icelandair and Lufhansa. Our European and Nordic Cadillac visitors can travel directly (over the sea) to Helsinki using Finnlines car ferries (Tallink, Travemunde) or from Denmark/Sweden (Stockholm) using Viking Line/Silja Line car ferries.

Guests without own cars can pre-book a taxi to Haikko from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. CCOF may also be able to arrange a special pick-up for visitors if the amount of confirmed guests becomes substantial.

See our homepage for participation info, registration form (fill-in, binding) and event fee payment:

The event hotel: (all room bookings, we have a specific price code until April 15th : Cadillac2019)

Happy Cadillac’ing!

Matti Kukkonen, President

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